For Love of the Sport

For Love of the Sport

April 16, 2018

In the beginning, each brand-new cyclist starts out with a different goal. Some may take it up for fitness, others, for fun. And still others for specific goals, like bike packing through a foreign country. Ultimately though, all these reasons and goals evolve to one singular, unifying idea: For love of the sport.


Because only something that you truly love to do, are you willing to voluntarily suffer unimaginable volumes of anguish for it. To brave the busy streets of your local metropolis avoiding vicious potholes and clumsy pedestrians whose attentions have been diverted and engulfed by the social media apps on their phones and proceed walk out into the street with no regard for their own safety, or yours. To brave avenues and boulevards filled with weary, insufficiently caffeinated nine-to-fivers commuting to jobs that they may or may not hate. To dodge the road ragers and their misconceptions about what bikes can or can’t do, or whether they even belong on the same road.

To climb the leg burning heights of a mountain and then skillfully thread your tires down it's windy, treacherous descent.


Only someone who is truly enamored by the sport, is willing to delve into the adrenaline fueled, heart-wrenching drama that is the racing circuit. Because not all races are won. Most are lost by just fractions of an inch. Only someone who is truly willing to suffer just for the sake of being a better, stronger cyclist, will seek out and painstakingly grind gears up the steepest roads, or pour the last iota of energy left into their legs to win the sprint for their local town limit.


The rewards for these moments, the rides that tear our legs off, the climbs that send us spiraling into the pain cave, are meek at best. However, meek only to the untrained, uninitiated masses. But to the others, to the mountain bikers, to the roadies, to the gravel grinders, to the velodrome gladiators, to the weekend warriors, our accomplishments on the bike, no matter how trite and minuscule, can be worthy of the highest accolades. To attain paltry bragging rights of KOMs, or just besting your cycling cohorts up a hill come with honors, respect, and admiration. And probably a pint beer. However, we don’t navigate our bikes over the same roads, time and time again simply just for those rewards. We don’t do it for the coffee. We don’t do it for the view.


We do it because we as cyclists, have discovered something in the sport where we find nowhere else. Through the sweat, blood, and tears we have somehow discovered the joy of it underneath all the lycra and masochism.


In our collective suffering, we have discovered a love for the sport.

Sizing Chart

fit: race fit - designed for performance with elastic fabrics intended to stretch tight and close to the body.

for best results, take measurements using a flexible tape measure, unclothed, and while standing up in a relaxed position.

if your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

A. chest: measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest horizontally. 

B. hips: measure around the widest part of your hips while standing up and your feet sit aligned to your shoulders. 

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