the climb

the climb

January 24, 2017

it's been a steep climb...
we started this journey with the vision of creating the best cycling gear for climbers. it has proven to be challenging.
just as cycling up a hill, there are times where we doubt ourselves.
but as climbers, this is where we thrive. the steeper the climb, the harder we push. we won't cut any corners to get there sooner. we want you to know with certainty that we are working hard to get you the best quality in technical and recovery gear. period.
after all... life is too short to ride shitty bikes, wear subpar kits or drink decaf coffee.

the summit is still far ahead, but the views are promising beauty and glory.

own your pain. it is yours, wear it with pride, on and off the bike!

thank you, for joining us in this journey.

every athlete. extraordinary heights

Sizing Chart

fit: race fit - designed for performance with elastic fabrics intended to stretch tight and close to the body.

for best results, take measurements using a flexible tape measure, unclothed, and while standing up in a relaxed position.

if your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

A. chest: measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest horizontally. 

B. hips: measure around the widest part of your hips while standing up and your feet sit aligned to your shoulders. 

men's sizing


women's sizing