This is not the summit.

This is not the summit.

April 23, 2017

What would you say is the single most important quality of a climber? Strength? Stamina? Power?

I believe all the best climbers share one unique trait, which separates them from the rest of the pack: Trust.


How many times have you been climbing, thinking the summit was just “passed that steep switchback up there” to find yourself mentally beaten after reaching that ‘mirage summit’? This happens all the time, to the toughest of us.


The best climbers I’ve known have a way of easily transitioning from that mental defeat; the only way to explain this is because they trust. They trust their legs, and when their legs fail, they trust their hearts, and their will. 


Almost 5 months ago, we had the vision of creating a brand that represented a special kind of cyclist breed, the climber. We felt this complex, furtive creature was under-represented by most cycling brands out there.


Climbers are animals of prey, true predators. They usually blend in the peloton, waiting patiently for the right time, the precise moment to attack and conquer that precious prize: the summit. Climbers usually ride up solo, with no support during those grueling final climbs, switchbacks and steep hills.


Knowing this, we decided to develop a brand that focused on performance, incorporating the best fabrics, features and functionalities that climbers need and like, emphasizing one in particular: TRUST.


We are building a brand you can trust. Not only in the quality of the materials that we use, but also the people behind it, and the support and response you will get from us. Yes, bigger brands can argue that we are small. But hey, aren’t most climbers also small?


It is the power of ideas that pushes you up, not your size.


This is not the summit, by any means. We know there is hard work and a lot of pushing coming our way… and we are looking forward to it!


Sizing Chart

fit: race fit - designed for performance with elastic fabrics intended to stretch tight and close to the body.

for best results, take measurements using a flexible tape measure, unclothed, and while standing up in a relaxed position.

if your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

A. chest: measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest horizontally. 

B. hips: measure around the widest part of your hips while standing up and your feet sit aligned to your shoulders. 

men's sizing


women's sizing