we are climbers.

we are climbers.

January 28, 2017

What a week. We did our soft launch last Friday; from receiving our first batch of recovery apparel, to making our first sale ever.


Just like the greatest climbers, on the outside, apparent calm, on the inside a hectic chaos of emotions, thoughts blended with the constant flux of pain.

By this Friday, our first cycling kit will be ready to preorder, along with all the proper accessories. Easy to say it, harder to achieve.


All this brings me to a time when talking with my cycling buddies, after a hard long day on the saddle. We were enjoying burgers and beers, while talking about some of the toughest times we'd spent on the bike.


Joe, a purely mad climber, started reminiscing about that time he did the 'death ride', the infamous grueling Tour of the California Alps, and just how awful of a time he had, how the whole experience made him suffer and how the pain was, for quite some time, his only companion that day.

After he finished his story, we all paused in silence. A few seconds past until we all, agreed in unison... "Let's do it again!"


This is how everyone feels here today. After months of developing ideas, concepts, designs, working with lawyers, banks and investors... after intense days, searching and testing to find just the right vendors who shared our vision, and stocking inventory (inventory! finally!). After hard discussions on the right balance of marketing strategies, the best materials for a kit... After all of that and more, we are here, drinking a beer, looking at each other exhausted and in pain, and can't wait for the next round to bring it again!


There is no need to question our sanity, we all know why we are doing it. We all have day jobs and families, we are not in it for the profit. We do it for the view! For that view you get when you are at the top, exhausted but proud. Doing what everyone told you couldn't or shouldn't be done. For the taste of building something from nothing. For that look you give a mountain on your way down, respectful but at the same time thinking, you were mine.


And because pain is here with us, every single day of our life. On and off the saddle. We might as well own it. Wear it with pride.


To all our sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors. THANK YOU.

To all of the folks that decided to trust a brand that came out of nowhere and placed an order. THANK YOU.

To all of the other athletes and enthusiasts that follow us, and like us. THANK YOU.



Get ready, we will bring more and better. All the way up.


Sincerely yours.


The grade team.

Sizing Chart

fit: race fit - designed for performance with elastic fabrics intended to stretch tight and close to the body.

for best results, take measurements using a flexible tape measure, unclothed, and while standing up in a relaxed position.

if your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

A. chest: measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest horizontally. 

B. hips: measure around the widest part of your hips while standing up and your feet sit aligned to your shoulders. 

men's sizing


women's sizing